Thank you for your interest in purchasing prints. All prints are made of the highest quality materials. Any printed image(s) you choose are optimized and calibrated for striking vibrancy and warmth. There are two print processes and papers I recommend which are highly regarded by archival and gallery professionals. I personally find these to be among the best medium for displaying art and photography. Of course, you are not limited to these types if you have a specific preference, and I can inform you of some alternate options. Framing is not included but I can provide several options to you.

Here are the sizes alongside their corresponding materials and pricing:

Custom sizes are available upon request. If you want horizontal or vertical versions of a print, please indicate that. They may be available. All limited edition prints are signed, dated, and officially recorded. The C-Print process is a unique method of converting digital files into an analog format for printing resulting in rich color tones particular to Fuji Crystal Archive paper.

If you are interested in purchase, use my contact form here. Let me know the image and size you're interested in, and I'll help you through the process.